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What Should I Know Before Scheduling Ground Penetrating Radar?

If you want to get the most accurate cost of ground penetrating radar (GPR) services in the Greater Los Angeles area, determine the likelihood of success, and estimate the time involved, there are a few things to know.  These factors all impact the efficiency and effectiveness of GPR.  Offering accurate information up front will determine the type of equipment needed and allow the technician to realistically predict the length of time a job will take.

When scheduling any GPR services, you should be able to clearly describe the area to be scanned.  Are there any obstructions that will make reaching the area difficult?  Are there trees and bushes with a potentially large mass of roots that might impede the ability to scan?   Since the process may involve rolling the equipment over the ground, tall grass can be problematic, getting caught in the wheels and requiring removal.   Are there high power electrical lines nearby?  Giving an accurate idea of the topography matters, too.  If the slope of the land is too great, assistants might be necessary.   Sharing pictures of the area to be surveyed with the technician ahead of time is a great idea!

Knowing the soil type also makes a difference in the success of GPR. Is it clay?  Wet?  Fill?  Sandy?  Tightly packed?  Since GPR relies on electromagnetic energy, the higher the soil’s electrical conductivity, the shallower the depth penetration that can be achieved.  Moist soil and clay often yield limited penetration, and it’s important for the technician to have that information ahead of time in able to secure the appropriate equipment.  For instance, using a higher frequency produces better resolution but allows for shallower depth penetration than lower frequency.  Knowing the soil composition ahead helps decide the right antenna frequency.  Also helpful to the technician is having a good idea of the actual target size and depth.

Finally, be clear about how you want your data delivered.  Do you need a letter?  A full-blown report?  An in-depth analysis?  SiteScan can provide all of the above!

Armed with this knowledge, you can rest assured that SiteScan offers the most accurate, convenient, and non-destructive subsurface imaging before you proceed with a project. Using GPR can save time and money and limit the chances of a destructive or dangerous surprise.