Our accurate video pipe inspection will save you time and money.

Video Pipe Inspection or VPI from SiteScan

Sitescan offers GPR utility location to ensure you avoid unexpected collisions with utility lines, rebar, PVC piping, and other unexpected underground objects. Detect, trace, map, and locating these services efficiently and easily is critical to the operations of many businesses. However, sometimes you have to look inside a pipe to determine the real problem. By having a Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) inspection done properly by experts before the problem causes any major damage, it can save you time, money, and frustration.

Our CCTV survey camera process begins by inserting a small, fiberoptic video line into a pipe to identify underlying issues such as a blockage, leak, or other piping obstructions. The blockage, root intrusion, and debris can be cleared and vacuumed by drain cleaning. We call that “Vacuum Excavating” or utility potholing, which is another of our specialized services.

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We really listen to our commercial, industrial, and residential clients to save them time and money.

We ask all the right questions, review site plans and potential photographs to familiarize ourselves with a new project before we get started. Doing so makes the job more efficient, which saves you time, and reduces the expense of the SiteScan’s field technician.

For Residential: We use the pipe inspection camera to check for leaks or blockages in your home. The technology is also used for checking root incursion in drainage and sewer pipes as well. In older homes, where piping systems may have been corroded, our Video Pipe Inspection is a perfect tool. It permits us to identify the issues and take immediate action before extensive damage is done to your home.

Commercial and industrial: We offer the latest in drain inspection technology and our VPI is suitable for new and old sewer lines and stormwater drains to examine and document the structural integrity of the pipes. We can undertake a pipe inspection of pipes ranging from 3.5” through to 94” in diameter in a variety of pipe materials.

Reports are available in minutes, not days.

The results of our video pipe inspection are recorded for review and we will work with you to determine the best course of action to fix the problem. The reports we prepare to meet industry standards and can be viewed on any computer or mobile phone within minutes, not days.

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