Stockton Concrete Scanning Services

Concrete scanning is essentially the act of finding objects and subsurface dangers utilizing GPR, known as Ground Penetration Radar technology. GPR concrete scanning can help identify pipes, channels, rebar, post-tension cables, links, utilities, live wires, and so forth.

We at SiteScan feel highly esteemed, offering our clients in Stockton the best Concrete Scanning services. We use cutting edge GPR or ground penetration radar innovation to discover basic embedded objects and different dangerous stuff covered up in the concrete.

Our group of professionals are consistently at your service and are equipped to follow your requests and offer you solutions that are both powerful and effective. Our solid reputation in the industry and upbeat client base makes us a standout amongst other concrete scanning organizations in the business. Besides GPR concrete scanning, we also offer utility locating services, potholing, and video pipe inspection services in Stockton.

We comprehend that your team’s security relies upon us giving a top tier administration. When customers recruit us, they have significant serenity realizing that they have the most dependable innovation on their undertaking matched with a top-notch Project Manager who conveys the most exact data accessible. Our company comes out on top in offering extraordinary service assistance and innovation, keeping ventures on schedule, lessening dangers, and putting associations with our customers first.



The GPR scanning measures utilizes a transmitting antenna wire at a specific decided frequency. The electromagnetic energy as radio waves bobs off particular articles like rebar, lines, conductors, etc. It gets caught back by a collector in a similar receiving antenna wire.

The GPR tech we use can rapidly and precisely distinguish the radio waves returning after bouncing from the particular object. Any item that mirrors the sign underground is shown progressively on the screen as the GPR hardware continues to take care of its responsibility. In some extraordinary cases, we can likewise state whether a specific item is metallic or non-metallic too.

The sweep for the material underneath will be controlled by the electrical conductivity of the metal being examined. A material with higher electrical conductivity will consider further entering the filter, while the impact will be the inverse for material with lower electrical conductivity.


How Much Does Utility Locating Cost?

We utilize the latest GPS technology to pinpoint subsurface utilities, map their locations, and develop detailed reports for our customers. Safety and injury prevention are top priorities at SiteScan, as it is for our many clients. It’s at the core of all of our services. Injury prevention is critical not only for employee safety but to keep projects running on time and budget.

The cost of our utility locating services is dependent on various components. We have updated it below:

  1. Your utility locating objective. Is it simple or complex?
  2. The type and quantity of utilities being located and other critical subsurface utilities.
  3. The size of the area that is to be inspected. The larger the area that requires utility scanning, the more significant the potential impact on cost.
  4. The scope of the project. Austere painting/flagging utility locations are at one end of the cost spectrum, while requesting detailed reports of our findings is at the other, more costly end. Other options include field sketches and Google Earth imaging.
  5. Site access. If there are limitations and restrictions to when we can access the project site in terms of days and times, it will impact the cost of the project

To know more about our Stockton utility location & concrete scanning services, give us a call. We would love to hear from you!