Sacramento Utility Locating & GPR Services

At the point when you can’t perceive what’s underground, we can. SiteScan is the leading supplier of Ground Penetrating Radar reliable filtering, subsurface imaging, and utility finding. We use progressed, non-ruinous strategies to give Better Vision through hard surfaces like concrete, soil, and black-top.

Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Location administrations forestall surprising difficulties in numerous development ventures, permitting you to work securely and stay away from expensive harm to existing infrastructure. Realizing where existing utilities may make clashes gives our customers Better Intelligence to design and execute their work productively and safely.

Future Ready – We are ready with the most recent mechanically progressed gear, with an exclusive advanced detailing framework.

Reactiveness – We are active and quick to your requirements giving an equivalent day reaction to earnest or a minute ago demands.

Solution Seekers – Because we go past examining and detailing. We work to tackle issues to get you the outcomes you need.

Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR):
GPR is an option compared to X-Ray imaging, giving brief information all the more securely and effectively.


The advantages of utilizing GPR include:

  • SiteScan utilizes radar recognition strategies, and destinations are investigated thoroughly, structures are safeguarded, and venture down-an an ideal opportunity to be dodged. Our company encompasses structures or the fortifying steel inside the solid with no harm to them, and voids can be recognized, found, and planned.
  • With almost no personal time, structure harm, office closure, or opportunities for laborer injury, Our GPR technology is a financially savvy answer for distinguishing subsurface items and potential pain points.
  • Our GPR technology makes it simple to recognize center areas safely and securely.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar innovation doesn’t deliver any radiation during a sweep, so laborers and spectators are ensured, which affects their health in any way.
  • GPR will help screen worked as-planned issues in a structure, for example, deciding whether a concrete section or divider was developed as determined and if the plan set rebar


Whenever a contract person, or even a property holder, needs to drill the ground or go deep into it, it requires them to dive into the ground, and that’s when they risk hitting utility lines and wires. This would not just prove expensive if the lines are accidentally cut or harmed; it can likewise end up being highly unsafe. Gas lines can detonate, while the electrical cables can cause electric shocks and flames. Here, water may not be as hazardous, but water’s unexpected arrival could make channels breakdown, catching specialists underneath the surface. A utility finder visits the site before a task starts and finds the specific zone and profundity of each sort of utility on the property. With this data, laborers can securely and certainly continue ahead. Output Plus gives quite a utility finder administration, utilizing cutting edge innovation to provide a precise utility line appraisal.

At whatever point you will delve or dig, please contact us as we are a reliable utility finding service in Sacramento. Our services are essential before doing any sort of burrowing, paying little mind to the task. Utility lines are not generally as they appear, so utilizing a utility finding service like ours is basic. With our services, you get to know the covered utility area and how profound they are covered. You have 99 percent exactness for utility lines as profound as 13 feet with an organization like ours. This information permits you to continue with your undertaking with the certainty that you won’t meddle with covered utilities.