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Call 811 for information about locating underground utilities

Underground utility locating services like SiteScan are great for a variety of subsurface imaging needs. We can identify and map not only the location of a line, but also determine which type of utility is present and even determine whether or not the utility line is active or dormant. Clients get immediate information from our onsite technicians and their construction projects continue seamlessly.

However, SiteScan is not the only important call to make before you dig – there are other precautionary tools for your excavation needs! Call 811 is a national organization that maintains extensive information about the location of underground utilities. When you call with an inquiry, the local offices of Call 811 will send a technician to mark the lines before your project begins. Contractors and homeowners alike can benefit from the services of Call 811. For more information on Call 811, you can visit their website here.

If you’ve been in touch with Call 811 and need more information, like the size of utility line or surrounding soil, contact SiteScan at 888 445 SCAN.