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Structure Scanning with Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete Structure Scanning with GPR

How Does Ground Penetrating Radar Work?

Before you start a construction project, it’s important to ensure there are no unexpected conflicts with reinforcing steel, post tensioned cables, or embedded conduits. SiteScan uses Ground Penetrating Radar to detect obstacles either buried underground or embedded in concrete structures.


But just how does GPR work? GPR technology emits non-destructive radar waves throughout the ground or within concrete which bounces back when it comes into contact with an unseen object. The technology records these waves to map out the location of these objects on a grid, maximizing the area coverage and ensuring the detection of objects within a structure. . Using this method we can look at virtual slices in the image to determine the depth of the objects and create a 3D map of the image.

After utilities, reinforcing steel within concrete, and voids are located, our technicians will physically mark them directly on the surface.  Non-permanent water-based paint is used where permitted.  When paint is not permitted, we use chalk, wax or other materials.

For more information on GPR applications, give SiteScan a call at 888.445.SCAN. We are here to help with your Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating Needs.