Our GPR Services

We offer a wide range of services utilizing state-of-the-art GPR Services.

Utility Location GPR Services

SiteScan’s GPR Services can help you identify and mark the location and depth of service utilities including: fiber optic lines, plastic or PVC conduit, cables and wires, water boxes, metallic and non-metallic objects, duct banks, vaults and manholes, abandoned lines, concrete pipes, missing valves, septic tanks and systems, and transit pipe.

We can locate non-metallic as well as metallic utilities.

Concrete Scanning GPR Services

SiteScan’s versatile equipment is completely adaptable to examine multiple environments, having the capability to scan directly on concrete, soil, walls, roofs, decks, ceilings, and terrain. Whatever you need to scan within the structure, we can make it happen:

  • Concrete Inspection to Locate Metallic and Non-Metallic Targets in Walls, Floors and Ceilings
  • Concrete Inspection for Bridges, Monuments, Walls, Towers, Tunnels, Balconies, Garages, and Decks
  • Condition Assessment to Map Relative Concrete Condition for Rehab Planning
  • Other Projects Including Scanning for Post-Tension Cables, Utilities and Live Wires, Measuring Slab Thickness and Deterioration within the Concrete

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